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What are the different kinds of zombies? Being a mere carrier may not sound like it’s a proper zombie type, but carriers are zombies waiting to happen. They are practically lockers full of the zombie infection. In some cases, they may even be dripping in poisonous liquids or full of disease-carrying insects. They are waking bio hazards, and though some may not be completely transformed yet, they still can harm you through infection or poison. It is not safe to engage these zombies in clos combat, and even the disposal of their corpses should be handled with immense care. Treat it as you would a fatal viral infection: wear protective clothing that covers your eyes, mouth, and nose. Use a long-handled weapon to keep your distance from them.

The Carrier Type

What are the different kinds of zombies? Remember that carrier zombies aren’t humans anymore; they are more like ticking time bombs that are going to kill you when they finally explode. Allowing a carrier to tag along with you won’t do anyone any favors. Don’t prolong their suffering and don’t doom yourself and the rest of your survival group to the same fate.

The Cougher Type

These types are closely related to the carrier type. Coughers don’t necessarily cough like a human does, but they do spread the disease as they walk around. Unlike the carriers, coughers are full-blown zombies that spread the disease – either the zombie infection itself or other disease they might have had before dying. Maybe even both.

What are the different kinds of zombies? What can be considered a subtype of the cougher type is the spitter. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the zombie spits: zombies, in general, aren’t capable of moving their lips in ways other than that which allows them to consume flesh. Spitting in this context merely means that they eject fluids like saliva, which are a vehicle for the infection.

The Vomiting Type

Related to the spitting zombies, the vomiters are also known as one of the few zombies who can launch attacks, this time through vomiting. Vomiting doesn’t cause physical injury aside from being, well, pretty disgusting. And like the zombie’s saliva, the vomit is also highly infectious

The Crawler Type

What are the different kinds of zombies? The crawler types are pretty disturbing, which is saying a lot given that we’re talking about zombie lore. They are also called halvers, chopped, or ankle biters. Their lower bodies are disabled or even totally missing; thus, they are incapable of running or walking or even mere shuffling like other zombie types. This may be caused by their legs being severed or maybe crushed by large objects such as cars. Crawlers use their upper torso and arms to, well, move on the ground. Since large parts of their bodies are missing, their mobility is seriously cut down too, making it easier to take them out.

However, since they are pretty low on the ground, they are easy to miss as well. Expect surprise attacks from crawlers emerging from under vehicles or hiding in tall grass. If you are not careful, you could be taken down by crawlers by latching onto your legs, biting them or even severing them too.

All the crawling around also makes these zombies a tad dirtier and grittier than their walking cousins. 

The Talker Type

What are the different kinds of zombies? The talker type of zombies completely redefined what we know of zombies. Their appearance in Return of the Living Dead allowed us a glimpse into the zombie psyche. The scene where a female zombie was pulled through the window and asked why she ate people was particularly jarring. “Not people,” she said. “Brains.” Eating brains was implied to have helped in easing the pains of rotting. This made us realize that the zombies could physically feel their bodies rotting away, and to ease that, they were forced to seek out brains.

Terrifying, isn’t it?

The Screamer Type

What are the different kinds of zombies? Screaming is a step back from talking, when it comes to zombie types. Screamer types don’t yell out identifiable words; they just release ear-splitting screams that are just a pain to hear. And since other zombies tend to be attracted by loud noises, these screams can be a sort of beacon too. When you find yourself faced by a screaming zombie, chances are a whole horde of zombies would be arriving soon too.

You would have to make your escape, and make it quick! It will be difficult, since the shrill noise screamers release would leave your ears ringing for hours to come. You will feel disoriented, but you have to gather your wits and fight for your survival.

The Bonies

What are the different kinds of zombies? They could be considered the final stage of zombification, in which most of the flesh has rotted away from the initial corpse. Bonies aren’t often motivated to do anything, and are pretty content with just chilling. They are slow and deliberate unless some need arises that requires them to move more quickly. They usually reside in large zombie nests and don’t do much and don’t attack to shed blood. It’s like they attack to make more zombies.

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