“interesting read !! :-)”

great book ! still reading this one but very interesting, thank you !!



Not the longest of reads but well worth buying for your book collection as it lists important websites and Rex Cutty provides you with plenty of usefel information as he sticks to the facts concerning these elusive beasts. I, like the author, caught the cryptozoology bug as soon as I reached reading and writing age when I would let my imagination go wild.


“Worth the price”

Pretty good book…Worth the price if your interested in cryptozoology. Good primer for anyone just curious about the field.

“Easy read”

I quite liked this, it’s not a long read but it’s got all the cryptids you would ask for and writers got an easy to read style.

“Funny and informative”

This is not a long book, nor is it exhaustive, or learned, or especially sceptical or credulous. What is is a brisk, refreshing and at times funny book by an amateur enthusiast who claims no expertise, but just tells it like he sees it. Some cryptids he thinks are nonsense, others not so much and that’s about it. Rex Cuttys style is conversational and direct, and I found this to be an excellent light hearted reference for some research I am doing. Loses one star only because some typos remain.

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