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Vampires, also referred to as vampires, are very well-known and appreciated creatures in popular legend. These rather powerful fanged, that prey upon humanity by consuming their blood, are applauded because of their uniqueness. Vampires have been featured, and a backhoe of most folklore, and fiction of different cultures, still prevalent and relevant amidst existing for over a century. It is primarily adorned in most European countries, although the belief in them still is all over modern times. Well now, you may be showing interest in knowing more about these mythical creatures, and you are eager to know what powers vampire possess. You are in the right place, as below are the established set of forces vampires excel in.


Aerokinesis, or also known as Wind Manipulation, is the vampires’ ability to manipulate and produce air; Vampires can alter their flow, velocity, and composition. Aerokinesis permits vampires to create tornadoes, hurricanes and affect the weather to produce destructive storms and even, in, thrusting an enemy with strong gusts of wind. Moreover, it secures changing of the chemical structure present in certain gasses.  


Vampires have the ability to bring inanimate things and their very thought to come into reality. Vampires can control one’s liveliness, for instance, a chair.  

Astral Projection

This is the power to separate and control one’s astral body outside the physical embodiment. This is rather an out-of-body experience where one is free to travel, outside their physical body structure. Furthermore, it allows for the creation, shaping, and manipulating of astral energies. It also makes way for making certain spirits visible to others, and potentially, harming the dead. 


Atmokinesis is what vampires use to violate the aspect of nature. It is one’s power to manipulate the weather and take control of the environment, within limits. 

Aura Perception

Using Aura Perceptions, vampires can perceive the psychic auras radiating from both mortals and supernatural beings. Auras are halos encompassing an unsteady series of colors that take preparation to distinguish with clarity. Vampires use this to determine one’s state and to use it against them. For example, being afraid of projects orange color, depression denotes gray aura, innocence comes in the white aura, sadness translates to silver, and many more. 


Biological manipulation is the vampire’s direct power of controlling all aspects of a living creature’s biological composition. For instance, a vampire may hold power over one’s organs or blood, It is used to cause excruciating discomfort and physical pain. It even causes an organism to combust or explode, mercilessly ripping one’s body apart. 


Vampires use this very power to create, shape, move, control, and manipulate plants. This is done in multicellular organisms, such as woods, vines, plants, parts of plants such as seeds, roots alongside fruits, and many more. It allows plants to either have healing or fatal effects on their enemies. 


Vampires are also powerful enough to control time in general areas or specific locations. It involves accelerating, slowing, stopping as well as impressively rewinding the time. Vampires create a mental illusion where its victim follows time in her very will. 


This is the ability to internally hear information, utilizing mainly the ones that had died. It is a form of extrasensory perception, wherein vampires hear in paranormal auditory means. 


This is when vampires are able to yield inputs using sight outside the normal range of detection. With their powerful eyes, they can detect objects, persons, locations, or physical events that are completely undetectable in humans. They can also feel sights and visual perceptions existing in other dimensions, along with past and future events. 


Cryokinesis is the vampire’s power to control ice and coldness. It molds them to create magical cold devices such as shatter blast, ice grenade, freeze rocket as well as ice launch, and first shield. 


There exist vampires that can have a good grasp of what future lies ahead. 


Vampires can also create shapes and take over electricity. With this mastery, one can physically induce electricity, or psychically modify or drastically amplify electrical currents. 


Here lies the ability of vampires to summon, control and manipulate all forms of metal. It moves and manipulates ores and metals, it allows for cold welding, heavy metal poisoning as well as modifying one’s weapon’s durability by increasing the metal tensile strength and force, and many more. 


Next on the list, Geokinesis is the mental and physical power to control and manipulate the very earth. It allows for the destructive summoning of earthquakes, rock slides, volcanic eruptions as well as violently causing rocks to shoot up from the ground. 


This is one’s ability of vampires to shape, more control as well as interact and manipulate gravitational focus and all things with mass and energy. Anything from planets, stars, galaxies as well as light. Vampires can decrease or increase gravity. Increasing would compel everything in the target area to be heavier, driving things to impel in the ground, crushing people, or leaving them trapped. Decreasing, on the other hand, makes all objects float upwards, it also makes objects of great mass lighter. 


Next is the vampires’ ability to create, control and take in the manipulation of all water and liquids existing in the environment. It gives vampires the opportunity to mold water in an unlimited variety of shapes, as well as multiple water molecules causing the liquid to go on expansion, creating even more water. Vampires can also control water pressure, enough to be used as a knife and use it on slicing on various things including solid rock. 


It is the vampires’ ability to control, as well as generate, magnetic fields. Electromagnetic sight, energy absorption, magnetic slight, magnetic pulse, and many more are some of the impressive things a vampire can do while utilizing this power. 


This is the impressive force of a vampire to perceive and intercommunicate with spirits and those who are in the afterlife. Vampires are able to hear, see, view ghosts as well as spirits of the deceased to interact with them. 


Lastly, accounts for Black/Dark Animancy power. This is when vampires use their magical abilities to manipulate the dead, deadly force, and souls, such as resurrecting them or taking advantage of evils. Vampires seek necromancy in asking for help in doing some of the most auburn impossible tasks. 

We’re only halfway through unveiling vampire superpowers, yet this more than proves how much of a great force of fantasy they all are!

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