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Vampires, wonderful, and powerful creatures originated from thousands of folklore. The very defining essence of these creatures is how they are to feed in the vital essence of the living, or simply, our blood. Keep in mind that vampires are very forceful, most say, beyond capable. Are you ready?


Vampires, impressively, can speak, understand and decipher any existing, in actuality all languages to ever exist. Including computer codes, languages they have never spoken to and heard, sign language, illegible words as well as backward speeches. The vampire may also communicate with non-human animals, alongside having to effectively interpret body language. 


Vampires are omnipotent beings, meaning they are in a constant state of being truly almighty and just excels and above all in every aspect and sense. They can achieve absolutely anything and everything. They are eternal in the tourist sense meaning they cannot be killed nor harmed, these mythological creatures are indivisible and unbeatable, truly perfect, most would argue. Vampires possess infinite knowledge, are capable of transcending literally everything, and lastly, possess all known and unknown abilities. 


The innate power of vampires to possess absolute, accurate, and infinite knowledge of every single matter in life. 


Vampires also possess the capacity to physically manipulate lights and all other related phenomena. As they can generate light, they can also physically project blasts, or beams, if ever they want to. They can also direct, bend, distort, attract as well as reject the light. Properties of light are easily manipulated by vampires too. 

Power Absorption

Vampires are capable of absorbing powers from their vampire enemies. Generally temporary, and victims are to recover from this. 

Power Bestowal (Conduit)

This is where vampires, the most powerful ones, are capable of giving powers to others, either doing it permanently or temporarily.

Power Mimicry

The next one comes in the ability to mimic and copy the forces and capabilities of others around oneself. Vampires do this by touch, or by absorption of nearby energy signatures. Moreover, vampires are susceptible to mimicking psychic energy outputs, genetic structure as well as superhuman physiology that permits and charges the abilities of other people. Lastly, they can also even stack several powers, all at once and simultaneously. 

Power Negation

This is the force of vampires’ nullifying powers and abilities. Here, they are to cancel out the powers along with their effects, making their victims unable to utilize their powers as long as they are under the vampire’s focus and area. It protects vampires from harmful attacks. They also are capable of undoing stimulating passive alteration powers of their opponents, essentially sucking all the powers out of their bodies. 

Power Sensing 

Vampires also prove how they can sense the presence of supernatural powers present in others. They can also yield in detailed understanding about them, consisting of their type, quality, and intensity. 


This is where vampires have the innate ability to manipulate preconditions and requirements. They can manipulate conditions, to make an event happen to their liking. They can make things without any limits, barriers, or requirements. 


Vampires have this capacity to foresee a possible set of futures and observe what may happen. As knowledge of what lies ahead invariably causes the future to change, the visions yielded from the future are subject to frequent alterations and shifting. 


This is the power of vampires to move, manipulate and interact with objects and all there is with the mind. Vampires here influence matter or another aspect present in the physical system using their mind, through other non-physical means. 


Next is the power of vampires to perceive the residual information concerning an object or a person. It is the acquisition of historical memories, likewise sensations concerning both beings and objects. 


This is fire control. Vampires possessing this ability can often physically generate fire. Impressively, they can also shape fires into tools and constructs. Moreover, vampires can cause a fire to spread, or prevent it from causing a dilemma, all based on their will. 

Remote Viewing

Known to be telesthesia, it is the vampire’s force to see a distant, as well as unseen target by activating their extrasensory perception. 


Vampires by all means can shapeshift, they can change their form and appearance at their will in any circumstances they would like. Even so, they are able to reshape themselves down to their genetics, together with their cellular structure. They can aside from that impersonate other’s enhance their own body in times of combat as well as turn themselves into humanoids and monsters. 


This ability lies in vampires being able to physically generate sounds from thin air. They can also physically project blasts, as well as beams and rays of sound. Not only that, they are also free of manipulating the wavelength, frequency, volume as well as other properties of sounds. Mimicking other sounds, voices and physically shaping sound energy into either tools and constructs are achievable as well. 

Spirit Possession

This is vampires’ power to obtain the essence of spirits and non-corporate entities. 

Tactile Telekinesis

Next on the comprehensive list is the vampires’ force of utilizing their telekinetic abilities through physical contact. Here they can manipulate anything by means of tactile interactions. They are capable of moving their own body, disregarding their current state, they can for instance create a force field to protect themselves even in the mists of gunfire and explosions. In simpler terms, it is simply possessing supernatural strength.


This is where vampires use technology, the sum of its techniques, skills, methods, and processes in the accomplishment of various objectives. 


Vampires are also capable of moving and influencing objects to move from both a large distance and without accompanying physical contact. This is rather an ability connected to the mind of the vampire, through conscious efforts and concentration. Willpower and emotions also play a great role in intensity. 


Vampires have the innate capability to mentally interact with other minds. Telepathy is the mental interaction and communication of the mind, consciousness, and thoughts of themselves and others, thus allowing them to read and sense another person’s thoughts, as well as have them communicate with them mentally. 


Lastly, vampires can move instantaneously from one place to another, without the dreadful physical occupation of space in between locations. There are no limitations in vampire teleportation, it can be done anytime, and even in the tiniest place, they can escape and wander everywhere. 

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