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What are stalker zombies? The stalker zombies are arguable one of the most feral types. They are quadrupedal, meaning they move on all fours. That’s a horrifying sight, and much like a wild animal, they move aggressively. Some theories state that this reversion to being quadrupeds was due to a step back on the evolutionary chain. What are stalker zombies? Stalker zombies are much more mobile than crawlers since they still have the use of their legs. They are also much faster than the standard walker type, though not as fast as the runner type. Still, their speed is enough to cause worry when it comes to chases.  What are stalker zombies? Additionally, since they are on all fours, they operate lower on the ground and are thus as difficult to spot as crawlers. The evolutionary reversal also dialed back their intelligence level, so they attack any living thing, whether human or animal.  

The Exploder Type

What are stalker zombies? The exploder type zombies usually have a massive build-up of explosive gas in their digestive track, caused by the constant decaying process of their flesh and other body parts. They can willingly explode themselves on their target, or the explosion could be triggered when they are shot or attacked with a melee weapon.

They are terribly dangerous opponents in close range combat. As zombies, they don’t feel hesitation or fear, so there is nothing holding them back from sending out infectious matter like blood sprays and bone fragments when it is time to explore. If you want to take out an exploder type, you would have to do so carefully and from a range far enough to avoid whatever the explosion sends off.

The trickiest part about exploder type zombies is that they look like any other regular zombies. This makes them extremely hazardous. You don’t quite know when you are facing an exploder type until it is too late. Some exploding type zombies have bloating in their abdominal region, but other than that, there is no clear-cut quality that separates them from the rest.

The Burster Type

Featured in Charlie Higson’s Undead book series, the burster type zombies are completely infected zombies, right to the last body part. As such, if they are touched, they would instantly burst. Like the exploder type, they send out blood and organic matter like internal organs and fats upon bursting.

The Tank Type

What are stalker zombies? Featued in Left 4 Dead, the tank type zombies have mutated and have built a massive base strength. They can be strong enough to lift and throw cars. They can even rip chunks of concrete out of the ground to use as weapons.

The tank mutation might be because they have used steroids or have been extremely athletic before turning into zombies. If you want to take out tank type zombies, prepare powerful firearms. Maybe requisition an actual military-grade tank to take them out.

A subtype of the tank type would be the Rams, feature in Dead Island. They are super muscular zombies that are also extremely strong and durable.

The Armored Type

The armored type of zombies possess either natural or artificial armor that makes them much more durable and resistant to attacks. They can be former police or military personnel wearing vests or maybe even carrying shields. Since they have a bit more protection than the standard zombie walkers, they often act as unintentional shields for their horde. If you are going up against an armored zombie, make sure to go for the weak spots.

The Creeps

What are stalker zombies? One could argue that all zombies are creepy. But what makes the creep type zombies, well, really creepy is that they have been reanimated not by pathogens or viruses but by parasites.

With creeps, the zombification process starts from the parasitic organism that enters the brain, lays eggs, gestates, and then bursts out to destroy the host. Even though the host was already dead, the parasites could still reanimate the corpse and turn the body into a dangerous threat. Indeed, most of the hosts have been recently dead or on the verge of dying. When the parasites have finally reanimated the body, the creeps could even pass as a living human sometimes.

The Bloater Type

What are stalker zombies? Bloater type zombies exhibit advanced rotting and decomposition. And rotting bodies are notoriously stinky, mostly due to all the gas produced as the body breaks down. As the gas builds up, the body gets bloated. Bodies that end up bloating have probably been around for a while, leading to their current state. In some cases, they end up as exploder type zombies as well. If you face off with a bloater type, chances are you will discombobulated by the wretched stench. Have a wet rag ready to block out most of the smell and try to dispatch the zombie as quickly as possible. If you can, increase the distance between you just in case it turned out to be an exploder type.

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