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Dealing and surviving a zombie apocalypse will never be easy. There are countless of things you need to think of, such as searching for the safest place to live, zombie-proofing your shelter, food, defense, etc. Whether you decide to move and venture around or stay on a single place, there are basic things you definitely need to have to survive.

The hit TV show The Walking Dead definitely gave us lots of tips, especially on what to have during a zombie apocalypse. Except from the obvious guns and ammos, here are some things we have learned from watching the show.

Pack Some Protein Like a Beef Jerky

You can’t afford to be picky in a zombie apocalypse, and you definitely can’t survive without nutritious food. And because you can’t cook your favorite home-cooked meals, your best option is to have something you can eat fast and easy. Even more than that, you need to have something that can be stocked for days. A beef jerky is the most cost-efficient food you can carry along with you.

A Tent

At some point, you will definitely need to rest and get some sleep. You can’t always ransack a house and expect it to be zombie-free. And last thing you want is risk your life fighting zombies just to be able to have a place to sleep. This is where tents can be handy. Tents are light, easy to carry around, setup and roll up when you have to go.


There will be no electricity and light posts in a zombie apocalypse. This means the world will be dark at night. Matches bring a good sense of comfort for anyone. It provides light, makes it easy to setup a fire to keep you warm at night, and of course, lets you boil water and cook food. Matches are definitely life-savers in a zombie-torn world.


Batteries, in any shape or form, are detrimental for your survival in a zombie apocalypse. For one, you will need AA or AAA batteries for your flashlight. Second, you can use it for powering radios, walkie-talkies or other short-range communication devices. Obviously, you always want to ensure you are well-equipped in a dystopian world, and there is no better way to equip than packing a bunch of batteries.

Survival Knife

Need to stab a zombie, unscrew something or hot-wire a car? Survival knife is your all-in-one solution in the wild. It’s perfect for carving your name on the trees, hunting animals for food, etc. They’re versatile, and you will need them in almost any scenario.

Leather Clothing

Leather is bite-proof and durable, which are basically the two most important factors you need for your clothes in a zombie apocalypse. You will need leather jacket, pants, boots, gloves, etc.

An Axe

Should you need to break in a house, chop and tear down something or smash zombies in the head, axe will give you the best chance doing things more efficiently. They are easy to wield, and it gives you great leverage.

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