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Before I tackle the strategies you can use to survive a zombie attack, it’s important to know what kind of attacker you’re going to have in the first place. You see, there are two types of zombies; there are slow zombies – the ones you see on Walking Dead, and then there are wild and fast zombies like those in the Resident Evil movies and the Dawn of the Dead.  If you happen to encounter a real – life zombie in your lifetime, I’m pretty sure you can easily identify if it’s a slow one or a wild one; the latter of course is a no – brainer because you’ll just find yourself running for dear life. Here’s another thing I want to point out, if you can’t get away from slow zombies I think you deserve to just be dismembered – unless of course you’re a senior citizen or someone who has mobility issues, you know, like you’re in a coma or you got stuck on something then that’s forgivable but if you’re not, and you still can’t get away from them slow walkers, you definitely deserve to be one of them, no offense.

So pretty much the only problem we’re all going to unfortunately face if the zombie apocalypse dawn on us is the wild and fast zombies. Simply because they’re wild AND fast, I mean what more could you ask for? They’re nothing short of a serial killer. They’re crimes of passion so to speak but perhaps the only difference is that zombie attack don’t know they’re killing people since they’re mentally incapacitated. In which case, I think it makes them more ethical than an actual murderer.

Anyway, going back to how you can deal with fast zombie attack, the only way you can really kill these crazy walkers is to destroy their brains but of course since they’re fast, a baseball bat or a wooden chair won’t cut it. You may need a gun or a really forceful weapon to blow their brains off. Since most people don’t have guns or other weapons around the house that could kill a deranged zombie, you need to leave the safety of your home and try to find something that could temporarily protect you. If ever you haven’t prepared ahead of time, check out the strategies below:

Seven Strategies to Keep You Alive

Strategy #1: Go to a Walmart!

Walmart is the key! It’s what’s going to save humanity from this madness! The first thing you need to do once a zombie apocalypse happens is to go to the nearest Walmart, or other similar shops. Think about it, Walmart got everything you and your family needs to survive. It has enough food and water to also feed hundreds of people for a couple of months. It’s got everything you can possibly need including baby products if ever you get to give birth in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The best thing is that they also have weapons and other tools in the sporting goods section to get you protected if ever you need to go outside – not to mention it’s also quite spacious and air-conditioned (unless of course zombies busted it already). It’s definitely a great place to keep you safe and well – fed.

Strategy #2: Seal ALL the entrances!

Say for example you’re able to get from your house to a Walmart store along with other people; the next thing to do is to seal all the entrances.  Fortunately, Walmart only has about one or two main entrances (excluding the service entrances but there’s not a lot so it’s pretty manageable). AVOID going to malls because it has too many entrances in addition to service entrances. Ideally, you need to seal the glass entrances with cement bricks or something heavy (this will probably take you a day or two) so that zombies can’t easily crack it up, this will all buy you time to get away and prepare for an attack. It’s also best if you can assign someone to guard the entrances and take turns so if ever a zombie tries to force himself in, you/ your family can be alerted.

Strategy #3: Cover the glasses with paper or a piece of clothing

This is quite important since you don’t want to attract too many zombies from the outside. Even if you’re completely sealed and locked up, they could come together and just use their sheer crazy force to get themselves in. The best thing to do to is to get them distracted elsewhere by covering the glasses up.

Strategy #4: Fill containers with tap water

Most likely you’re going to lose power in the next couple of days, and when that happens, you’re also going to lose sewage this is why you need to start filling up every container you can find with tap water because eventually all the bottled water in the store is going to run out which is why you want to have that extra tap water when you don’t have any plumbing. 

Strategy #5: Use the “Buddy System”

Characters in zombie movies are usually killed not just by walkers but by their friends or family who got bitten. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is to try and save them, and maybe cure their zombie bite – and we all know how that all ends.  So, if one of your friends or family member gets bitten by a zombie, just shoot them in the head right away. Don’t wait, don’t second – guess, don’t show mercy because they’ll eventually bite you and endanger other people’s lives for sure.

Just do it and then maybe cry a bucket of tears after that because at least you did it for the greater good. There’s no going back from there, they are as good as dead because the infection or disease will eventually enter their bloodstream and take over their brains. So once bitten, look them in the eyes and say your goodbyes real quick then pull the trigger.  Always remember: Once bitten, you’ll get eaten so just kill ‘em! 

 Strategy #6: Suit up!

If this is how it all ends, you may want to do it in style eh? Normal clothes like t- shirts and jeans aren’t going to cut it, and so are your heels! You need a stronger and thicker suit. What you can do is to cover yourself up with jacket along with aluminum or some material that they can’t bite into. Make sure to cover key areas like your neck, hands, arms and legs since that’s usually what they go for.

Strategy #7: Think long – term

Obviously, the tips above will only make you survive for like a few months to possibly a few years. Zombies are already dead and they will never stop unless total annihilation occurs. You’ll eventually run out of supplies but that’s okay – the only thing you need is to go back to basics: food and water. You will need to learn how to plant – and guess what? Walmart got you covered!  They have a garden section so you can get your supplies there and a couple of seeds maybe, then just go to the roof and start growing. That’s your best shot to being sustainable as you either wait for rescue or perhaps build a new society.

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