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What vampire flix to watch at home? Vampires are not real in the sense that they live forever; or drink blood out of humans, or even turn into bats. Are vampires real in the sense that these certain group of people does sport fangs; and many of them primarily live their lives in a nocturnal existence. What vampire flix to watch at home? These are just some of the cultural signs that real – life vampires adopt in order to express a shared and also biological essence. According to them, they do need blood or a psychic energy from donors so that they’d feel healthy.

What vampire flix to watch at home? The self – described nature of vampires real starts to manifest during puberty or after it. According to these self – proclaimed vampires, it came from the lack of the subtle energies that their bodies are producing; these energies are taken for granted by other people which are the general consensus for them. It’s a kind of condition that these people claim are unable to change which is why they chose to embrace it instead.

Mainstream Vampires

What vampire flix to watch at home? Self – proclaimed vampires embrace their instinct need to feed on human blood or psychic energy, and use what pop culture sees as a negative; a deviant figure like a vampire; in order to achieve a sense of self – empowerment. These are vampires real identify with others who shared a similar need; and as a result, they have produced their very own community. If there’s anything we can learn from this, they can help us understand; and also shed light to some of the possible ideological baggage that each of us carries. These people show us how oppressive and repressive categories can lead to marginalizing certain communities. Through these people, perhaps we can also see the dark side of ourselves.

Ready for Some Vamp-Flix?

Vamp Flix #1

What vampire flix to watch at home? If you’re looking for what are the best vampire movies, Stake Land is one for the books. It’s not often that a horror film reminds you of films like The Thin Red Line; but creator Jim Mickle had every intention of creating his vampire thriller flick outlast the competition. And while you can say that it has the trappings of an average horror film such as vampire cults chasing a vampire hunter and his young sidekick across a post – apocalyptic place; it’s really in the editing that Mickle’s vision was expanded. The desolated landscape that gradually creeps into the frame influencing everything; and becoming a sort of phantom character as well as focusing on the look of every character’s face as they make their decisions on how far they can travel and how much hope they can hold onto.

Vamp Flix #2

Livid snuck by most filmgoers a few years back which is nothing short of a crime because despite its film influences, it is surely one of the best vampire movies; and horror flicks of the last decade. What vampire flix to watch at home? The film is about three kids who break into an old spooky house before they realize that it houses lots of bad memories and a ghost of a vampire who want to come out and play. Just like a rusty music box; the film’s jagged dreamy depictions dances around the audience that creates a disorienting spell broken by instances of extreme violence.

Vamp Flix #3

What vampire flix to watch at home? What We Do in the Shadows is about a group of decadent 17th century vampires, who all look as if they escaped from the Dracula’s era; and tries to fail to live in the 21st century world. They attempted to gain access to clubs in order to look for virgin blood but are forced out when the bouncers restricted them to go in.

Their newest member of the vampire lifestyle insists on inviting a friend who’s a human to live with them. It’s just like a sitcom but that’s what it aims to achieve. The cast has nailed it making it one of the most hysterical what are the best vampire movies out there. If you’re looking for what are the best vampire movies; you could also try other films like Midnight Son, Children of the Night or The Stranger. What are some of your favorite new vampire flicks? Want to watch more vamp – flux, check out this video below:


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