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Do Scorpion man exist? Scorpions are considered living fossils and that is because this species still sport the same look for the last four hundred million years. They are usually found on Antarctica continent that occupies a diverse range of wild life – from rainforests to deserts. Do Scorpion man exist? Scorpions can survive without eating for about a year and even without drinking water.  They are one of the deadliest species in the world. In fact there about 25 different scorpions that can easily take down a human. This begs the question, could be a scorpion man out there? In this article, do scorpion man exist?

Origin of the Scorpion Man

The scorpion man is believed to have an arms, torso and head of a human but a body of a scorpion. According to legends, the Scorpion Man is tasked with warning interlopers and opening the gates for the lord of the Sun, closing them when he returns at night. There are a lot of Assyrian carvings that depicts the Scorpion Man.


Do Scorpion man exist? The Akkadian Empire or the Assyrians’s religious center was the city of Babylon. The empire dominated the ancient Mesopotamia for a number of years. This is why Babylon became the center of power around 1792 B.C. Chaldea was the soggy part in southeastern Mesopotamia near the Euphrates River. After the death of Assyrian King Ashurbanipal, there was a struggle of who will become the next king. Chaldeans were sensing weakness which is why they formed a coalition in order to get Babylon out of control. They were able to establish a short-lived Chaldean Dynasty.

Historians refer to this period as the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Sumerian Cuneiform was used as a written religious language, thanks to the Chaldeans. It is from this Chaldean Dynasty that we have the first religious accounts of a Great Deluge that found their way into the Abrahamic religions. And it is from fragments of cuneiform tablets written during this time that we the so – called Scorpion Man came about.

Legend Has It

Do Scorpion man exist? In the Chaldean version of the Great Flood, humans are making too much noise for the delicate ears of the Gods, this is the reason why they have decided to exterminate us. Gilgamesh was believed to be a historical Sumerian king. He was referred to in Sumerian texts by the name of Bilgames. Translations of cuneiform in the 1800’s were still somewhat dubious, so his name was frequently rendered as “Izudbar”.  Gilgamesh is also named as a giant in the Dead Sea Scroll’s Book of Giants.

There was an appearance from a so – called Arabic demon that is known as Jiljamish. According to the story, the god Ea, goes to the Utnapishtim, King of Shuruppak and outlines the other gods’ secret plan to wipe out the human race. Ark building ensues, and ultimately Utnapishtim survives the flood and is made immortal. The flood story is related to Gilgamesh by Utnapishtim when Gilgamesh seeks him out following the heartbreaking death of his friend Enkidu. And because doesn’t want to die, he wanders to look for how he can solve this problem, and one of the places it takes him is to the gates of heaven and the underworld. This is where the Scorpion man and his wife were found. The scorpion men offered a solution by consulting with the immortal Utnapishtim.

Mesopotamian Mythology

Do Scorpion man exist? The Enûma Eliš is a myth that consists of about a thousand lines inscribed on various Babylonian tablets. The tablets were recovered in 1849 in the ruins of the Library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh, and were thought to have been composed around the 10 century B.C. Researchers and historians found origins of the Scorpion Man and the stories around them. The abbreviated version of the creation of the universe is that the chaos of undifferentiated water was divided into sweet waters in the form of the god Apsu and bitter waters in the form of the goddess Tiamat, and these two give birth to all the younger gods.

The younger gods are too noisy, saw Apsu is convinced by some sneaky advisors to kill them all. Tiamat warns her eldest son Enki (sometimes Ea) of the plan, who turns around and kills Apsu. This enrages Tiamat, as her goal was not to get her husband murdered. Tiamat creates herself a monster army to fight the younger gods (she is later slain by Marduk, and her corpse creates the heavens and earth).

Do Scorpion man exist? One of the species of that Tiamat created is the Scorpion Man. The scorpion man working for an angry god is a recipe for havoc and mayhem, but when Tiamat is slain, incidentally after a prolonged war with the younger gods, the scorpion man get demoted to guard duty, and their willingness to help Gilgamesh on his quest for immortality by directing him to Utnapishtim just reeks of sour grapes.

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