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Who’s who of the cryptid world? A creature is considered a cryptid if there is some kind of evidence whether there are footprints, eyewitness testimony, photographic evidence; remains or anything similar that could be scrutinized. If there is any irrefutable evidence regarding the existence of such creature/s, it ceases to be a cyptid.

Who’s who of the cryptid world? There are some mythological creatures that are described in a monstrous way; and this is where cryptozoology collides with the study of the paranormal. It was believed that the mere presence of these supernatural cryptids have some psychological and physical effects to their victims. Who’s who of the cryptid world? The mysterious nature of cryptids has long fascinated people throughout history. Cryptidsare mythological creatures that haven’t yet been discovered. It has been the topics of many debates particularly in the field of zoology due to lack of scientific evidences backing its existence.

Classic Cryptids

Who’s who of the cryptid world? Classic stories about cryptids have been told over and over again especially during camping trips; it usually includes well – known creatures like the Yeti, Big Foot, and Loch Ness monster. There are still people today who haven’t given up in finding the truth about these creatures. In fact, it created a whole new field of study dedicated to researching and finding cryptids which is known as cryptozoology.

In almost all cultures you will hear stories that have been passed on from one generation to another about mythical animals; or monsters despite the fact that there is no concrete evidence or scientific data to back it up. Cryptozoology is the study of animals or creatures that are documented through folklore. It is considered a pseudoscience which unfortunately was believed to be fake. However; animal experts seem to keep discovering evidences of different unidentified species leading some people to believe that there really could be beasts out there.

Cryptid #1: Paleolithic Bear

Who’s who of the cryptid world? These are creatures that have human like features; or has the physical traits that can be described as giant apes, and it is a category in cryptozoology that has been over – represented. However, these creatures’ humanoid features only add to the curiosities surrounding their existence. There are many hominids that have been associated with “wild men” legends; which were commonly found in folklore of indigenous tribes worldwide. Another famous hominid cryptid is the Himalayan Yeti.

Despite inconclusive results, this cryptid made headlines in the 50s through the 60s. In fact, Yetis were so popular back then that the US Government created rules to keep numerous American expeditions; who wanted to search for it safe and in an orderly manner. The most compelling evidence that supports the existence of Yetis; is through studying different hair samples which have been known to be attributed to a Yeti. Most of the samples matched known mammals and the closest genetic similarity is a type of Paleolithic polar bear.

Cryptid #2: Sasquatch

Who’s who of the cryptid world? Stories of wild men are quite common in America’s indigenous people particularly those living in the Northwest regions. North American cryptid is called Sasquatch; and was named after a wild man creature there are lots of eyewitness accounts claiming that they saw Sasquatch in particular areas which was also described in the tales; this is where most researchers start their investigation. Some indigenous claims suggest that Sasquatch is more than just a legend. There are lots of evidences that fuel the belief about the existence of Sasquatch; which is why it has been featured by various TV shows, investigations, and documentaries with one goal: to find concrete evidence that Sasquatch exist.

Cryptid #3: Jersey Devil

Many people described the Jersey Devil as a creature that has bat – like wings, draconic appearance with a head; similar to a horse and has long claws while others describe it as an animal like a kangaroo with wings. Perhaps the most popular supernatural cryptid in the United States is the Jersey Devil. It’s an urban legend that stems out from eyewitness accounts, and livestock killings dating back in 1820. It has become widespread around 1909 when lots of people claimed; that they saw the devil across the entire state of New Jersey.

This caused panic in the whole state to the point that classes were cancelled and workers were advised to stay at home. The Jersey Devil was reported to attack social clubs and cars, and that it cannot be killed by a gunshot. Other evidences also include footprints in the snow. Since it is early in the 20th century, there is little to no physical evidence for the Jersey Devil’s existence. As the years go by; it has become an icon for the state of New Jersey and there are still lots of Jersey Devil enthusiasts that search for this monstrous creature in the Jersey Pine Barrens.

Cryptid #4: Green Monster

Locals call the creature the Green Monster. But such casualness when talking about the monster didn’t come to pass so easily. Skeptics have found explanations for the sighting. For instance, they say that Kathleen May’s description of the creature fits that of a barnyard owl. It had “small, claw-like hands,” she said. The figure also released a hissing, hooting sound, consistent with the call of a barnyard owl as well. The enlarged appearance must have been a trick of the shadows as well as the surrounding foliage.

Who’s who of the cryptid world? The story of the Green Monster got picked up by local news and even by a national radio station and big papers across the US. Kathleen May and her boys even got to talk about the experience to CBS. It stirred a lot of fear in a lot of the townspeople back then. Many others expressed doubt, and they were even reticent about being marginally associated with the monster. There came a point where residents became tired of hearing questions about the monster; especially since there is almost no information about it in the first place. What little information there is remain shrouded by doubts and vagueness.


Who’s who of the cryptid world? Contrary to popular belief, cryptids may not be that weird, and supernatural as what folklores portray them to be. It is possible that the stories being passed on from one generation to the next acquire such mythical characteristics as their legends grow. This is where the field of cryptozoology can provide some clarification since it covers; everything cryptid– from the scientifically plausible to the documented creatures; and testimonies by people who claims to have encountered demon – like monsters and the likes.

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