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Are vampires real? Would you believe it if I told you that to this day, vampires walk among us? However, these people are not the kind that’s being portrayed in the movies – far from it actually. Vampires are real, and you can actually sit down and chat with one of them but there’s a catch, they aren’t necessarily looking to be found. In this article, we will answer the question are vampires real? And find out for yourself the vampire organizations that exist today.

Are Vampires Real?: The Self – Proclaimed Vampire Community

There are people today who had spent years of conducting ethnographic studies just to see if are vampires real. One researcher was able to found out about a vampire cult or organization that resides in states like New Orleans and Buffalo. However, they’re not easy to find but when you do track them down, you’ll be surprised how friendly they can be.

“Real vampires” is the collective term by which these people are known. Obviously, these people are not real in the sense that they live forever, or drink blood out of humans, or even turn into bats. Are vampires real in the sense that these certain group of people does sport fangs, and many of them primarily live their lives in a nocturnal existence. These are just some of the cultural signs that real – life vampires adopt in order to express a shared and also biological essence. According to them, they do need blood (animal or human), or a psychic energy from donors so that they’d feel healthy. Intriguing isn’t it?

The self – described nature of are vampires real starts to manifest during puberty or after it. According to these self – proclaimed vampires, it came from the lack of the subtle energies that their bodies are producing; these energies is taken for granted by other people (which is the general consensus for them). It’s a kind of condition that these people claim are unable to change which is why they chose to embrace it instead.

Just like the superficial figure it emulates, the real vampire community  actually knows only few national boundaries, from South Africa and Russia to Great Britain and the U.S. Especially in the information age, are vampires real are usually well – attuned to community issues.

Affiliate of Vampires

This is however, truer for some than others. According to researchers, they found out that vampires residing in the Buffalo area are keep to be updated with what’s happening in the global community while those who are living in New Orleans were more interested in what’s happening with the local vampire houses. They have an affiliated group of vampires that’s being led by a vampire elder who helps fellow members to acclimate to their vampiric nature. Now, tell me if are vampires real? In this type of context, they are.

Some houses and vampire communities as in the case of those living in New Orleans usually combine their efforts to create charity events like feeding programs to the homeless (not feed on!). Unfortunately, despite these types of humanitarian efforts, these self – proclaimed vampires don’t go around showing who they are because they feel that people will discriminate them which is why they prefer to hide in the shadows instead, just like real vampires, I guess. 

Early Vampire Communities

Vampires communities have actually existed since the early mid – 70s, but for some researchers they only got to interview a couple of them around 2009. Believe it or not, in New Orleans, the self – proclaim vampires has quite a lot of members that ranged in ages 18 to 50, and represented by both sexes equally. These people practiced vampiric rituals called sanguinarian (blood) as well as psychic feeding wherein one will take energy off of something or someone using their hands and mind.

According to the participants who were interviewed by the researchers, they described blood as tasting like copper or metallic, though this can be influenced by the donor’s physiology, and also how well the person is hydrated. There are psychic vampires that do tantric feeding wherein they feed through sexual or erotic energy, while others use astral feeding or getting energy on another from afar. There are vampires real who also feed through emotion.

Psychic Feeding

After psychic feeding and blood – drinking, these self – proclaimed vampires feel energized more than when they sustain themselves on regular foods, though they also eat veggies, fruits, fish and the likes.

These self – proclaimed vampires actually described themselves as atheistic, monotheistic or polytheistic. Some of them are homosexual while other bisexual. Some were married with kids, while some were divorced as well. So as you can see, even in the vampire community, there’s also diversity.

Unquestionably, researchers found that vampires are generally normal citizens. They usually perform their rituals safely and only with those who were willing to donate to them. They also participate regularly in medical examinations and doesn’t really have complication from their feeding practices.

What was perhaps the most shocking thing about are vampires real is that they are not that into pop culture. They seem to not know anything about how vampires were portrayed in films and books. By this, the researchers mean that the people they met and interviewed hadn’t turned to drinking blood or doing psychic energy rituals because of what the media depicted.

As a matter of fact, these self – declared vampires was able to avoid the trappings of mainstream culture and attach themselves more as being creatures of the night. Many of them actually dress in gothic clothes but not all the time, and only a few sleeps in coffins. Those who do dress in gothic style or wear fangs do so long after realizing their desire to take blood.


This is something that could be called a defiant kind of culture. Self – proclaimed vampires embrace their instinct need to feed on human blood or psychic energy, and use what pop culture sees as a negative, a deviant figure like a vampire, in order to achieve a sense of self – empowerment. These are vampires real identify with others who shared a similar need, and as a result, they have produced their very own community.

If there’s anything we can learn from this, they can help us understand and also shed light to some of the possible ideological baggage that each of us carries. These people show us how oppressive and repressive categories can lead to marginalizing certain communities. Through these people, perhaps we can also see the dark side of ourselves. We hope that this article shed some light when it comes to the question of are vampires real?

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