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  • Weaknesses of Zombies You Should Be Aware Of
  • Zombies are one of the most popular types of monsters taking over today’s film culture and society; and have been since ancient times. They are corpses of once-living creatures that have been reanimated by various outside forces. The term zombies weaknesses is often figuratively involved to depict a hypnotized person including incapability against consciousness and […]

  • Vampire Powers Part 2
  • Vampires, wonderful, and powerful creatures originated from thousands of folklore. The very defining essence of these creatures is how they are to feed in the vital essence of the living, or simply, our blood. Keep in mind that vampires are very forceful, most say, beyond capable. Are you ready? Omnilingual  Vampires, impressively, can speak, understand and […]

  • Top Zombie Apocalypse Movies
  • As much as the thought of going through a zombie apocalypse is depressing and terrifying; watching film adaptations regarding this phenomenon can actually be fascinating, at least that we know of. It makes a good time unraveling the thrill of badass fight scenes, screams and worry about what will happen next; and be in awe […]

  • Vampire Powers Part 1
  • Vampires, also referred to as vampires, are very well-known and appreciated creatures in popular legend. These rather powerful fanged, that prey upon humanity by consuming their blood, are applauded because of their uniqueness. Vampires have been featured, and a backhoe of most folklore, and fiction of different cultures, still prevalent and relevant amidst existing for […]

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