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Next Order of Business. Guns.

Yeah, yeah. I know, Rambo. You would have made this the first order of business, but truth is, most people think about running first. Then they finally get tired of running and realize they’re gonna have to stand and fight at some point. With that in mind, I will...

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Zombies Aren’t the Only Enemy

Did you know that zombies aren't the only enemy? I shouldn’t have to tell you his, but here’s the 411 on how it’s gonna be, “The end of the world doesn’t tend to bring out the best in people.” In this article, you'll learn why zombies aren't the only enemy. The...

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Zombie Survival Guide: The Web is Gone. Deal.

When it comes to zombie survival guide, if you have the time, start reading something other than “graphic novels.” Get some useful information under your belt. Zombie survival guide is not just about field stripping an AK-47, but about what makes people tick, because...

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Zombie Apocalypse: So What Are We Up Against?

When it comes to zombie apocalypse, as much as I hate to say it, everything that follows in this chapter is all technically “speculation” on my part. I’m not going to tell you that I have a friend who has a friend who has a brother-in-law who knows a guy who might...

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