An Armchair Hunter’s Basic Guide. Cryptid Sightings, Stories, Evidence, Hoaxes, and More!









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Chapter 1

What is Cryptozoology?


Chapter 2

Lake Creatures


Chapter 3

Sea Creatures


Chapter 4

Bigfoot and Other Hominids


Chapter 5

Cryptid Canines


Chapter 6

Flying Cryptids


Chapter 7

So You Want to Hunt Cryptids?


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The Ultimate Information Guide for Cryptozoology

Even if you don’t know the word “cryptozoology,” you know some pretty famous cryptids already although you may not realize it. Creatures like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Abominable Snowman are a huge part of our pop culture references, a fact that does make them more or less, “real.” Most people have some idea of what these creatures “look” like and some understanding of their backstory.

What you may not realize, however, is that there are all kinds of allegedly unknown creatures around the world. And there are lots of people who spend a great deal of time looking for evidence to prove that these animals really do exist. That’s what cryptozoology is all about and, thanks to the Internet, this endeavor can be either an active or an armchair hobby.


Rex Cutty refuses to provide any credentials for his “authority” as a supernatural and survivalist writer. “I’m here, aren’t I?” he says. “You guys bury your head in the sand of ‘reality’ all you want to. Meanwhile, guys like me deal with what goes bump in the night. You’ll believe me when you need me bad enough.”

A somewhat shadowy figure with vague ties to agencies like the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Cutty is an expert on both zombies and vampires. “The rotters are kinda the trailer park trash of the monster world,” he says. “Them you can deal with. But vampires? They’re social climbing, bloodsucking elitists. All about the politics with them.”

Packing his books with useful survival information and a hearty dose of self-deprecating and sarcastic humor, Cutty says living through anything is about attitude and a decent sense of humor. “Man, you stop laughing? You’re gonna start dying. Simple as that.”

He readily admits that his survival tactics would work in a Hurricane Katrina situation as well as a full-on monster apocalypse, adding sagely, “And I don’t know about you, but I’d a hell of a lot rather deal with zombies than those FEMA guys.”

Cutty claims no affiliation to any political party or philosophy beyond just staying alive. “Tell yourself what you want to when you’re out there trying to keep on breathing,” he says. “Personally, I think the biggest horror we got going is the U.S. Congress, but I can’t stake a Senator, no matter how much I might want to, so politics is no interest to me. If you can’t fight the monsters, then I say move on.”

Although vague about what he does for his “day job,” Cutty likes to write in his personal bomb shelter. “I’m really not all that worried about the Commies pulling the trigger any more,” he says, “but I inherited the place from my Granddad and it’s a great place to get away and put my books together — at least it is now after I added wifi and a sports package.”

When asked about his next book, Cutty said, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Rex Cutty




Worth the Price!

Pretty good book…Worth the price if your interested in cryptozoology. Good primer for anyone just curious about the field.




A Survival Guide


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Vampire Apocalypse

Folks are worried about asteroids striking the earth. Climate change. Bird flu. System collapse. Genetically modified organisms. You name it, there’s an apocalyptic terror of choice. Heck, you could go with the original and be worried about Judgment Day and the fact that all the explaining in the world isn’t gonna get you out of trouble with the Big Guy.

But the one that people just insist on thinking is totally fiction in spite of all the evidence to the contrary is the fact that old and powerful immortal — or near immortal — beings walk among us. They’re called vampires. They exist in the shadows. They lead elite lives — and they have a political agenda. The reason vampires are seen as hip, fictional creatures is because that’s exactly how they want us to see them.

“The Ultimate Information Guide for Cryptozoology”

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